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Actual Cash Value

the cost to replace damaged or destroyed property with new comparable materials/property less any applicable depreciation.


Additional Living Expenses (ALE)

a coverage under your policy which pays for additional expenses incurred by an insured while the risk is being rebuilt/repaired. Note: in order for this coverage to apply, you must first have a covered loss.



your policy will terminate on a specified date prior to the expiration date listed on your declarations page.


Declarations Page

the page attached to the first page of an insurance policy, which includes policy information such as the policy number, property insured, location of the risk, inception and expiration dates, endorsements, amounts of coverage, deductible and other policy related information.



the amount a policy holder is responsible for paying towards each claim. The insurance company is responsible for the remaining balance up to the coverage limit.  Example if it is determined that you have a covered loss that totals to $5000.00 in damages and you have a $1000.00 deductible, you would expect to received a check for $4000.00  However, if your loss does not meet your deductible you would not be paid anything.  Example your damages totaled $850 and you have a $1000.00 deductible, you did not meet your deductible, therefore you would not receive any monies. Note: these examples do not take any applicable depreciation into consideration.


Demand for Appraisal

As per policy provisions, when you (the insured) and your insurer are unable to reach an agreement on the dollar amount of your loss, you may be able to make a demand for appraisal.  In doing so you and your insurer would each name your appraiser.



a devaluation in the replacement cost of an item or material based on the life expectancy of that item or material.  Depreciation can be both recoverable and non-recoverable depending on the type of coverage your policy provides.



the residence or building insured by the property policy.



an amendment to a policy which changes coverage and/or provisions in the policy.



perils not covered by insurance policy.



your policy will not be renewed after it expires.



an event that causes loss to property, such as fire/lightning, windstorm/hurricane, freezing, theft, explosion, etc.


Policy Period

the time specified in the policy for which coverage for the risk will be available. Coverage begins at the inception date of the policy and ends on the expiration date.



the amount of money a policy holder pays to purchase an insurance policy for a specified period of time.


Refusal to renew

your policy will not be renewed after it expires.


Replacement cost

the cost to repair or replace damaged property at current prices without deduction for depreciation.

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