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A public adjuster is a skilled professional who has a vast understanding of insurance policies and the clauses they are composed of, as well as a background in construction/remodeling.  Using this knowledge he/she is able to thoroughly evaluate and assess your loss to ensure that you receive the maximum recovery you are entitled.

Many different people utilize the services of public adjusters for many different reasons. For example there are those individuals whose busy schedules simply do not allow them to dedicate time necessary to effectively process their claim(s) on their own.  Additionally, there are those individuals who, like most homeowners, do not fully understand the provisions outlined in their policies and/or the claims process, so they choose to have an experienced professional process their claim(s) for them.  Finally, there are those individuals who are currently having problems, or have previously had bad experiences in dealing with their insurance company who choose to let a public adjuster alleviate some of the frustrations of the claims process.

What types of claims do you handle?

We process your claim(s) on a contingency basis. Typically, there are no costs to you up front.  We are paid a percentage of the proceeds once your claim is settled.

Why do I need a public adjuster?

You may not. Insurance adjusters are like any other professionals, there are those that are good and some that are bad, however it has been our experience that most insured's did not receive a fair settlement when they chose to rely solely on the insurance company to process their claims. You must remember that the adjuster the insurance company sends out, whether staff or independent, works for them, not you.  These individuals are trained to minimize losses, because smaller claims equate to larger profits for the insurance industry.

We handle both residential and commercial property claims including: fire/lightning, windstorm/hail, water damage and (mold-fungi), flood, freezing, vandalism, burglary, aircraft/ vehicles impact, collapse of building.

What is a public adjuster?

Who uses the services of a public adjuster?

How is your company compensated?

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